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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Thankfully no it isn’t

That is a specific county
title = 2.5x registration charges (EV fee is apart of the registration charge)
so counties with higher taxes like wheel tax tend to pay more.

You really need to dig into your local DMV to determine what the taxes are for hybrid/PHEV/ BEV in your area.
For some reason “Everybody is doing it” is good enough reason
even though there is no rational need or reason for them to do so.

Only good thing in this area
is my antique BEV is registration exempt, NEV and 3 wheel. BEVs are $24 biannually but that blasted title fee can still suck depending on the specific vehicle identifier.

Quite unfortunate that we the US are the only country in the world that feels we need to tax the crap out of a plug in or even a non-plug in hybrid, the law in my state is actually illegal and violates equal protection laws but nobody wants to push the legal problem to get it overturned.
Wow! And I thought we had anti sodomy laws in the country.
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