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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
How are hybrids overtaxed? Is there evidence that hybrid owners are paying more in taxes than their inefficient counterparts?

As I've consistently maintained, it was a dumb idea from the beginning to fund critical infrastructure with price per gallon taxes. It should be budgeted and collected like any other government department.

Vehicle registration should recover only the amount needed to keep a record of who owns what. That should be, what, $1 per year?
Vehicle registration should also be budgeted out of the general fund too. All government spending should be paid out of the general fund with taxes raise by a simple progressive income tax. Get of the hodgepodge of other taxes and fees.

If you are going to try to fund roads with a specific tax then Oregon's fee per mile system makes the most sense. People that use the roads pay more, people that uses them less pay less.

Oregon didn't just increase registration fees for EVs they raised them on a sliding scale for all cars based on fuel economy. The new cost is:

0 to 19 miles per gallon = $62 per year.
20 and 39 miles per gallon = $66 per year
40 or more miles per gallon = $76 per year
EVs = $153 per year.

If you sign up for OReGO then registration is $43 per year. OreGo is Oregon's fee per mile system that charges no gas tax but instead charges $0.018 per mile.
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