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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
The fact that some 48-volt alternator-starters fitted to modern BAS-Hybrid vehicles having more torque than mid-size Euro cars such as the Opel Vectra A used to have about 30 years ago, and across a broader peak torque RPM, is also noticeable.

Even though EVs are not really my cup of tea, I believe it's not rocket-science to provide a more affordable approach for those who are comfortable enough to get rid of the ICE.
The Prius Prime has a one way clutch to the gasser.

In my mind the Honda IMA concept could be wound to any voltage and shouldn’t be more expensive than a starter+alternator on a standard car.

Using the Primes antique one way clutch (that allows for EV or gas operations by clutching in or out)

You would think the IMA+ one way clutch could be the most easily implemented at the factory of them all and provide silent EV operation or even manual transmission EV operation, unfortunate they never went the next step further

Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
Logic dictates that electric vehicle owners will have to pay their fair share of road construction, upkeep and repairs that they utilize. This also applies to the heavy investments in electric system generation, transmission and distribution equipment that will be needed if electric vehicles eventually take a significant portion of the transportation market.

No free lunches, despite what a politician might tell us.
My Honda Insight uses $200 of gas a year, why would a BEV that is more effectient pay more road taxes than my car uses in fuel annually when a BEV already pays 30% tax on the electric bill anyway?

If BEVs were to become the only vehicle and further if the trend is for few
people to own a car at all and just rideshare
registration fees will become meaningless/ineffective
and should be eliminated on individuals altogether and replaced by simply manipulating the
Municipal Substation Taxes that are already stealthily charged to the utility on every kwhr produced in the country anyway.

The cost of collecting annual plate fees is already very high and many poorer people simply don’t pay for plates when they get expensive, my uncle ran without plates for at least 10 years because “it was too expensive “

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