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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
In my mind the Honda IMA concept could be wound to any voltage and shouldn’t be more expensive than a starter+alternator on a standard car.
Maybe a similar approach could be tried even in a motorcycle.

You would think the IMA+ one way clutch could be the most easily implemented at the factory of them all
The "pancake" motors fitted to some hybrid trucks and buses are somewhat similar to an oversized IMA.

and provide silent EV operation or even manual transmission EV operation, unfortunate they never went the next step further
Seems like the only automaker that used to believe it was worth the effort to manage the transition from EV to combined power while keeping the manual transmission instead of going automatic-only was Honda.

My Honda Insight uses $200 of gas a year, why would a BEV that is more effectient pay more road taxes than my car uses in fuel annually when a BEV already pays 30% tax on the electric bill anyway?
That's a good point.
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