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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post

Every part of this has been thought about. It has air-cooled tail lights. The louvers for the cooling air are shaped like parabolic NACA ducts.

That fan*:
  • adds downforce
  • creates a 'virtual longtail'
  • adds thrust
The downforce comes because the fan pulls airflow up into the tall diverters, and acts forward of the rear axle line. As compared to airfoils at the front and back that have to be balanced.

The shape is virtually identical to the F1. The two-tone disguises it somewhat. It's the same size on the outside but bigger inside.

*Now I want to see a boxer four rear engine with a Porsche fan that blows, instead of sucking, right out the back like the T50. The difference would be it would be on all the time.
Long but good video.

Thank you for posting it.
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