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Nice to meet everyone! Sorry I have not been on in a while. Stoked about the community of diesel owners! I had stalked some of your pages. COCyclist, read your whole writeup, thanks! The numbers these cars can get are are nuts.

I feel like diesels, trucks, MC, EV should at least get top 3 on the front page. Diesels in particular could use the PR. My little rant is that the US govt seems to have received tons of money to kill diesels in the states to sell/burn more petroleum. NOx emissions are not great but I think the reduced CO2 emissions are more important.

Oh and update on the cars: Welded and wired up a hitch receiver, fitted rear airbags and a VR6 rear axle (thicker sway bar, FWD car). Ready to tow, although I do have plans to reinforce the receiver more in the future.

Also had to do some work to my 2003 Beatle TDI which I sold but came back with a bad engine mount. Seems our dry air killed the rubber. I replaced the mount, fromt suspension joints, and found the boost leak that supposedly was created by the engine swinging violently. The woman took it to an ASE certified mechanic who returned it to us with the plastic engine cover unattached. One bolt was missing and the other was not unscrewed, the grommet was just pilled out. Based on the clamp that was missing I suspect he was responsible for the boost leak too but who knows. Poor woman was replacing a Kia that blew the day after a Jiffy Lube. Good examples of why I don't let anyone work on my junk.

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