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It's been rumored that a CVT will become available for the double-cab with the 1.3 GSE engine next year. If it also gets a 48-volt mild-hybrid setup similar to the 1.0 GSE fitted to the Fiat 500 in Europe, I would not be so surprised if it eventually gets to reach the American market. It's worth to notice the mild-hybrid 1.0 is naturally-aspirated but has the same 4 valves per cylinder and direct injection layout of the turbocharged versions of the GSE, while in Brazil both the 1.0 and 1.3 are only naturally-aspirarted at the moment and have 2 valves per cylinder and sequential port injection. Considering the port injection and 2 valves per cylinder would eventually be more suitable to such an utilitarian model (remember it's a serious workhorse in third-world countries, not a redneck Alfa Romeo or something like that), plus avoiding the need for a particle filter which is now fitted to most direct-injection gassers, even though I wouldn't hold my breath for the Fiat Strada/RAM 700 to become available in the Unites States and Canada so soon it doesn't sound impossible at all.
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