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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
What would be the best 5-cylinder car to buy to place in a contest that is unknown to most people?
Here's a review. You need to click "View Gallery" to see the cars' info.

The only production 5-cyl cars I'm familiar with are the Volvo front drive cars. Most of the 850s, and the S60, V60, S70, V70 series cars use either the NA or turbo version of the "white block" five cylinder. White block because of the aluminum block + head material, vs the cast iron blocks of the earlier 240-740-940 series.

However, those cars aren't at all famous for fuel economy. When I considered them (because we drove only Volvo 240s for about 13 years!), it seemed they got 28 mpg EPA, no matter which version I looked up. Nowadays, that's not very impressive mpg. Even with some mods and hypermiling, I doubt they can get what I consider "good" mpg. This year, Steve Z got 37.5 mpg in his stock 2011 'Vette.
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