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Originally Posted by JulianEdgar View Post
Interesting. But keep in mind a few things:

1) In the videos I watched, the airflow was all faked / simulated - no smoke testing in a tunnel for example. Also, some of the descriptions of how things are meant to work seemed a bit strange.

2) The Cl and drag figures seemed a bit odd - are the Cl figures meant to be negative?

3) Rumour only - someone who should know told me that Ferraris never meet their advertised aero specs when tested in other company wind tunnels.

4) Ferrari, as far as I know, never publish any peer-reviewed tech papers on their cars (and if I have that wrong, I'd love to see some).

Worth watching - but I'd suggest with a skeptical and analytical eye, perhaps.
These are neither simulations nor smoke tests.
CGIs for marketing presentations, I expected you to understand that.

There are some things hidden there in presentations, already applied in normal cars.

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