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Citroen AMI four-wheel scooter, even for a 14 yr old

Citroen's legacy heir to the Deux Cheveux 2CV. the AMI (actually they had an Ami 1961-1978 four-door economy car). All in the pursuit of easy accessibility and convenient mobility. Like the iconic 2CV minimalist philosophy, the AMI city car can also be driven on rough or even on non-existent roads. It is very basic and easily maintained & repaired. The front & rear body panels and doors are interchangeable. The infotainment cluster is the driver's phone, paired with an AMI app. The 100% electric two-seater mobility bubble has top speed of 45 kph/28 mph, powered by 6 kilowatt/8 horsepower electric motor. The AMI has a short 70 kilometer/43 mile commute range but fully-charged in 3 hours from any household outlet. It qualifies as a 'voiture sans permis' or vehicle without license. It can be driven by kids as young as 14 years old in France and in 16 European countries. Since the new generations don't want to buy cars, there is an option lease for $22 dollars a month or by subscription car sharing for $11 a month. Citroen EV brand marketing strategy; start with cheap models then more-upscale levels and models to come.

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