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Longtime stalker, now hoping to have some time!

Greetings all!

I've been a long time follower of ecomodder, admiring you people's work mostly. Well done!

Where I live, we don't commute too long distances. My daily trip will be around 20 miles (17kms one way), when we return to the office (which is closed because of COVID). Same goes for my wife, who drives an abomination in terms of fuel economy. So I'm not after big gains in economy. This is more like a sport to me.

Petrol is very expensive in Turkey, at around $1/liter, or $3.7/US gallon. For a scale, minimum wage is around $400 in Turkey and almost half of the people are paid at that rate. So many people, including me, drive LPG/Autogas powered cars, or diesels. Autogas is half the price of petrol. You consume around %20 more per distance than you would on petrol.

We have 3 cars at home. One of them, a 1997 Citroen Xantia 2.0 8v auto is my daily drive and future experiment platform.

My first idea is an "injection-deactivation" system. Will start a topic for that, but I can tap into the autogas injectors and the initial plan is to control them using a microcontroller -a Texas Instruments MSP430 kit most likely as I have a little experience on it. Like:

- Shut off 2 injectors when idling at a traffic light (speed=0, brake pedal depressed). Cylinders 1-4 and 2-3 are paired for this (all?) 4 cylinder engines.
- Autogas controller (or the car) does not seem to have injector shutoff when coasting off accelerator pedal, so integrate that (revs > 1200rpm, acc. pos = 0)
- Single injector deactivation, at random, while coasting with low load

These *will* throw AF ratio errors I think, but I can deal with it later, feeding modified info to the car ECU.

Thanks all, for your years of sharing experience!

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