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Originally Posted by octinum View Post
Dynamic qualities of these Citroens are precisely the reason I bought these cars.
CitroŽn is often praised for its handling, even though it's not the same as it used to be.

And with limited funds and a taste for rare cars, I think the commercial vehicle based MPVs are not my cup of tea.
I also have a taste for some rare cars, but I consider practicality a priority.

Current Berlingo is great by the way. I would choose it over any "regular" compact family car any day.
AFAIK the 1st generation is still made in Argentina, where it seems to have effectively fulfilled the role as a replacement for the 2CV

Oh, I remember people fitting kitchen type LPG tanks in the boot here.
It used to be more common here in Brazil too, even though nowadays it's mostly done in small towns without a CNG supply.

I'm also thinking of a LPG liquid injection adventure. Not yet -I moved here from another city during Covid, new job, new home, so I'll have to take it slow. A controlled charge in the intake manifold wouldn't freeze anything I guess.
Sure a controlled charge is less likely to lead into trouble, and so is the sequential injection. Most of the times I see frozen intake manifolds, it's on vehicles fitted with a non-electronic fumigation setup, and those are so bad they lead to manifold freezing even with CNG (which is more common as a motor fuel in my country).

How this would help with fuel consumption is its suitability with turbocharged small engines. Of course I can't do an engine swap on my current cars but if LPG liquid injection works, it would be applicable to smaller, lighter engines with adequate power when needed, which would also be easier on the start-stop systems.
You mean the ones with direct injection? Some conversion kit manufacturers claim a liquid-phase LPG injection can be done through the stock fuel rails on engines fitted with direct injection.
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