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Plug wires, rotor and cap. Does it matter much?

I want to replace my plug wires while I am in there monkeying around with the EGR. Every now and then it starts a little hard in the wet, so I think it needs them. Any particular recommendations in that regard, or is whatever the Autozone hands me sufficient?

While we're on the subject, I am a little uncertain about the procedure for setting base timing. I get the bit about jumping the ECU, although I am uncertain about what the amperage of the fuse on the jumper should be. Beyond that, it is all a little hazy.

Do I need an inductive timing light, or will the old style work? When you guys talk about advancing timing to +4, +6, etc, are you reading that at idle? When you do advance the base timing, what keeps the ecu from retarding it right back again to where it thinks it should be?

Maybe my first question should have been, is there a good writeup of all this out there already? If so, all I need is a pointer.

Thanks a lot.

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