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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
Ya, some of those points I already knew. I also learned some too, so thanks!

From what I can tell the guy is quite the amateur who exaggerates a lot in an attempt to convince everyone. It does seem like he might be hiding something and trying to cover it over with exaggerations. Or he's just exaggerating to try to convince everyone.

But in the end, I don't see any real advantage of his product unless it had more capacity. If the lithium battery has less of an internal resistance it may soak up and let out more of it's capacity than the NiMH. But he doesn't explain how he knows that for sure.
I don't have hard data, but I've done extensive testing on both LFP and NiMH. The LFP voltage curve is flatter for a very large portion of its capacity. From a pure performance standpoint:

EV range will be farther.
Peak power can be sustained for longer periods.
Likely mpg improvement in driving scenarios where hybrids offer advantage.

However, ALL of the above will come at the cost of reduced battery life. Until I see cycle life vs. DoD curves, they're just blowing smoke.

I am NOT anti-LFP. I have about 10kWh of it in loose CALB cells. Pretty amazing chemistry, but I'm aware of some hurdles that need to be overcome by managing kW input and output limits based at least on voltage, and they've stated they don't modify the ECU. They're counting on a "feature" of LFP that will be exploited routinely and likely result in premature loss of cycle life.

I'm anti marketing-bull****-passed-off-as-training-or-technical data and DIY hacks trying to come off as experts.

If they spoofed the HB computer with block voltages that allowed accurate representation of the needed SoC to kW management scheme appropriate for LFP, they could compromise the performance benefits and settle on a design that performs a bit better and likely lasts longer.

I'm tempted to buy a C pack to test the **** out of the modules.

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