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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
How is this going to work with poor white trash, like myself ?
People that can't afford a new car will be forced to ride the bus.
If there's a bus system that exists where you live.

The question I have is how the transition really would be if something like this were to happen.

Supposedly you could still continue to drive your current ICEV car or buy used ICEV's. Only people who buy new cars would have to buy an EV. The question would be if there'd be the variety to meet public wants. Right now that would mean there'd have to be affordable pickups, vans, economy sedans and hatchbacks; maybe even minivans. I'm sure there'll be plenty of CUV's, SUV's and expensive sedans to choose from. (Please let there be economical minivan and station wagon EV's!)

At some point those new EV's would start becoming semi-used 3 to 5 year old vehicles that the rich new car buyers are trading in for new models. I'm not sure what that would do to the prices of those vehicles if they'll be the typical 1/3 price or so compared to new.

At some point gas stations and parts stores will start to close down or turn to EV fueling stations and parts stores. Will there be enough practical used EV's by that point to make it possible for anyone who can afford an older used ICEV today to be able to afford an older used EV?

Of course on the other hand there's the question of whether the tech will hold up. Sure, right now there are lots of cheap used Nissan Leafs. But there's a reason they are cheap. And they're really not cheap when compared to the cheapest ICEV's you can get. Hopefully the EV revolution doesn't make a bunch of throw away cars.

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