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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
I think one thing everyone is ignoring is the human element.

Think about the sheer number of truly terrible drivers you see on the road every day. Then think of them all with an extra dimension to keep track of, and all of the energy (speed and altitude) that they will have when they collide with anything.

I just barely trust pilots who don't have instrument ratings. There's no way I would trust the majority of drivers in that situation.

The only scary stuff should be when you are near the edges of the sky where your options become limited. I don't know how many rated pilots you fly with, but low time barely current IFR pilots are the ones that make the news for "attempting to continue flight into the ground".

There are transponders that alert you to EVERYTHING nearby from toy drones to jumbos @36000 asl above you.

I think that you will be a fairly limited operator in the sky.
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