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There are two models the Elio would compete against—both three-wheelers. Aptera, reborn in Southern California last year, is seeking to bring its “never charge” solar car within the next year, at a $25,900 base price. And then there’s the ElectraMeccanica Solo, an $18,500 single-seater EV that, after some delays, is due to arrive this year with retail locations in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.
Competing to deliver a product to market, I guess; not sales.

Now it’s added a page about fleets that positions the Elio-E as a solution for the service and small delivery industry—a market that Arcimoto has gained some traction with. That page seems to suggest relationships with Grubhub, DoorDash, Geek Squad, Amazon, and others.
Arcimoto, who are finalizing their ATVM loan application and sitting on cash reserves probably as large as Elio's indebtedness, don't 'suggest' names.

If they could get Sandy Munro onside, I'd be more impressed.

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