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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Blame wokeness. Back in the day, a head on accident between 2 cars @60 mph killed a horrendous percentage of passengers until finally someone said "enough" and mandated that cars become safer. Ralph Nader comes to mind but there were others.

I recall also that the mood was: I am a safe driver, it won't happen to me. That safe driver expired, too.
Not going so political, but sometimes trying to make "safer" cars which become out of reach for families on a tighter budget is not enough to decrese the death toll. Some people who can't afford a supposedly safer, newer car, will die either in an older rust bucket or a motorcycle. And it's hard to deny that some drivers now seem to believe they're roughly invulnerable while driving an oversized SUV with all the bells and whistles in the most reckless manner conceivable...
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