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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
We don't penalize fuel efficient vehicles, we subsidize them. In California, between the state and federal gasoline tax, it amounts to $0.72/ gallon. Guzzlers are penalized. When gasoline is $2.16 / gallon, 1/3rd of it is taxes.

Show me anywhere where a fuel efficient vehicle is paying more per mile in "taxes" and we'll have a discussion.
Gotta get your head out of California, what happens there is unique.

They don’t do that anywhere outside carb.

My antique stick pays $38 a year in annual gas taxes to Wisconsin

My Volt and Insight pay $75 state + $25 county just in extra fees before I even start paying “gas tax” and that doesn’t include the increased title fee if I ever had to do that again.

Not everyone drives a million miles a year.

Looking to “other states” there are several with a $200-$250 “plug in fee” and on the bolt forums some are set back around $800 a year to register a Bolt.
My more efficient stick shift cars only used about $200/year in 2020 of gas, up to about $250 now, why would anyone pay more on tax than I do on fuel?

Even in California they charge about $700 total registration which includes $175 of road tax fees on an EV.
So your “rebate “ is just a loan.

Depending on your choice of gas car you can end up at about half that amount owed in California due to the progressive nature of taxes there including your use , value, etc.

The worst state is a place like SC that charges efficiency penalties that increase depending on your fuel economy.

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