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Originally Posted by metroschultz View Post
Hey Phil,
How about weighing in on one that perhaps us poor people could buy from a junkyard and play with.
I was thinking of the Ford Probe.
I have no numbers but, from what I remember they were designed with aero in mind from the factory.
Also their sister car the Mazda MX6.
Both are relatively inexpensive if you were to buy a rolling assembly from a bone yard and add your own drivetrain.

I'm thinking take my Metro/Swift engine /trans and put in a stripped out Probe rolling chassis.

I would play the devil getting the weight out (and for the suspension I would not be able to remove weight), but what about the possabilities for aero on something like that?
Yes !
Actually, when I started this thread, that is what I was thinking - ( What kind of car can the average Joe buy cheap, and use as base for creating a good 'teardrop' shaped car. )
I notice that you we thinking of the Probe and MX6.
I have always had my eyes on these two cars as well, but the Probe has pop-up headlights that would have to be modified. The MX6 does away with the problem, but the MX6 has more of a flat decklid that ruins the overall shape if you wanted to continue the curve of the glass further.
Also, I'm guessing that the MX 3 weighs less, has a smaller frontal area, and just needs the back end extended out more to be a true teardrop.

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