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Originally Posted by Ford Man View Post
It's a lot less trouble and expense to hunt deer using a rifle. As for the car not being worth fixing I've got an '88 Escort with 483,000+ miles on it and it's still running. The body looks like hell, but for a car its age with that many miles who cares. If you can do most or all the work yourself it won't cost all that much to fix it with JY parts. As for the starting issue if you can't hear the fuel pump coming on it may have damaged the inertia switch. My '88 got where it wouldn't start when the temperature was cold outside once, but as soon as the sun got on the car it would start. It took me forever to figure out what was going on with it. So one morning when it wouldn't start I was going to check the inertia switch to make sure it wasn't tripped. It wasn't, but just putting my warm hand close to it warmed it up enough for the car to start. Apparently the spring inside wasn't making the connection like it was suppose to, so I went and got one out of a car at the JY for $5. and haven't had any trouble with it since.
As to is it worth it to repair -
About $300 parts and labor for new windshield.
2 complete headlight assemblies @ $45 each = $90
1 Turn signal / marker assembly @ 15
1 Hood @ $125 + shipping
1 Upper radiator support @ $120 + shipping
1 New Radiator @ $120
1 New Electric Fan @ $120?
0 Evaporator (remove all AC for FE reasons)
0 Air bags - I always use seat belt - ride with drivers seat all the way back for comfort pref. Having seen this one go off, I think the airbag is next to useless for me.
$300 + $90 +$15 + $125 + $120 + $120 +$120 + $100(misc) =~ $1,000

Pulled the inertial switch and jumpered the appropriate wires - still no fuel pump noise. Spent some time looking at wiring diagrams and service manuals and will trouble shoot tomorrow. First step will be to check a connector block at the rear bumper that has the ground source wire for the neutral safety switch. (Engine stopped about same time as rear bumper bottomed coming off trailer.)
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