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Hypermiling Syndrome


I got my first hypermiling refill today - did about 42+ mpg on my 1.5L/5MT honda city sedan.
My usual is ~35 mpg. Was mighty pleased. On the way back, encountered city traffic, and was cursing myself for choosing this route instead of a longer, but mostly free and better maintained route. Slowly it dawned on me that I was getting taken over by Hypermiling Syndrome (HS).

HS is a condition where one -
1. has a misplaced sense of loss/gain (does not worry about resultant savings, but getting a higher figure on the MPG display)
Explanation: I was taking a shorter route, so even with somewhat muddy MPG figures, my effective expenditure on gas would be less. But I was not bothered about that at that point of time - I was sad that I could not get a higher MPG because of the crowded route.
2. has mood swings tied to road conditions and ones reactions to them (Road rage is replaced by a more sinister, deeper rage about ones own lack of attention, about drivers around being apathetic towards one's (unstated) hypermiling goal and being a******s in general)
3. has thoughts drifting to the next mod while discussing a totally unrelated topic at work or home.
4. does not think about the resale value of the car while thinking of mods. Mods thought could even make a resale impractical/impossible (like boat-tailing)

Could think of more, but I want to know if anyone else had this feeling when starting on hypermiling? How did you pull yourself out from getting totally sucked in the whirl?

Also can you put in more points if you can think of any?

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