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Originally Posted by Clev View Post
DISCLAIMER: I have no credentials.

You would have 10 pairs of wires into the motor, or can you use a common ground return? Also, how many times can a relay switch 770w before burning up, and can it switch quickly enough? I imagine you'd want to use mosfets anyway, since they're solid state.

If you'd like, I can post your idea to the EVDL and see what the credentialed folks say. (Too bad we can't get Jim Husted to be a regular contributor here; he's a master motor modder.)
Common ground would be preferable, I would think.

As for mosfets, perhaps. I honestly haven't worked with them enough to know whether or not they develop significant heat if they are running below their rated load capacity.

And please do. I'd like to see the response.

Edit: Also, it didn't occur to me when I read your post the first time, but I'm not using switching speed as a controller, rather a motor with 10 separate windings would have 10 separate output levels, which would simply be switched on or off as demand required, not as a duty cycle setup.

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