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I'm an ASE certified auto parts specialist, and an engineer. I have to agree with the Christ. Optima != garbage. I've seen lots of cases of Optimae testing bad, then being thrown on the slow-charger over night, and subsequently testing good and working fine.

That said, I don't recommend the Optima to most people. AGM batteries are really neat technology, but the vast majority of people who buy them, don't really benefit from those advantages (nonspillable, vibration resistant, the yellow-top are deep-cycleable).

One downside of the Optima is that fast-charging it kills it. The other downside is it's twice the price of a conventional battery.

Regarding the lawn & garden battery: That's probably rated for 300CCA or so. It'll work fine for now, but I bet it'll be unable to start the car next winter. Undersized batteries don't last, for whatever reasons.
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