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Refrigerator magnets and curiosity

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Because the refrigerator is acting as a giant "keeper bar", not as a degauss-er alternating magnetic field. No magnet is immune to sufficient degaussing. Certainly it is the most reasonable explanation as to where the energy to keep one of these things turning comes from (has to come from somewhere).

Tell that to every one and zero on every single hard drive

So now I'm confused though. You said:

But isn't there a bit of you that is curious to see if you can get more energy out of your prototype then it took to make it? Why not take that bucket of KFC and watch that run? lot more interesting than a fridge magnet IMHO.
Hmmm... Given that I have no idea exactly what amount of energy went into the making of my 80-lb magnets, either individually or collectively, I don't have a good answer. All I can do is measure the torque that can be measurably produced by one of them shoving another one on a circular path. And yeah, I am definitely curious, and proceeding toward satisfying that curiosity at deliberate speed. As you're aware, my financial resources are small and intermittent, so now I'm waiting to get the funds together to build the new pressor arms, and to machine the new flywheel with the camming channel, so I can get the new goody running. I just have to be patient, which sucks.

I do hope that someone with a good understanding of quantum physics will please examine my updates and opinions along those lines. I'd lofe to know whether I'm on the right track with it!

On another but related line, I have never (read "NEVER") seen a rare-earth magnet become demagnetized by proximity to another, nor by any phenomenon short of being exposed to high temperatures. That, in and of itself, is to me sufficient to cling to my "quantum" concept until someone finds a proof one way or the other. I'm not married to the idea, but I do believe that so far, it's the best bride in the church!

And nope, I'm not arguing with anyone.
Also, as to the desired "open source contract" stuff, I'm no lawyer, I'm just a user of open source software who admires the concept. When the "legal eagle" in my gang provides us with something arguably useful along those lines, I'll be happy to share it. In my opinion, the OS license isn't really protecting the IP, just the end result of the use of it. But again, I'm no attorney, and I don't play one on TV.

Getting really close to lawn-mower time, so I hope xomebody cuts loose with some funds for my last half-dozen or so magnets. Otherwize, I'm stuck again with the old Poulan rider! :P

All the best, and let's make this freakin' stuff work!

Cheers, God Bless,
Bill Whedon
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