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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: Yukon - 2003 GMC Yukon Denali
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 14.7 mpg (US), 16 L/100 km, 17.6 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 15.3 mpg (US), 15.4 L/100 km, 18.4 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 15.5 mpg (US), 15.2 L/100 km, 18.6 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 13 mpg (US) / 17.6% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 14
  • Average cost per gal/L: $2.73 per gal (US); $0.00 per L (price data entered for 14 fill/s)
  • Average cost per fill: $56.80
  • Average distance cost: $0.19 per mi. / $0.12 per km
  • Total fuel used: 291.21 gal (US), 1102.4 L
  • Total distance traveled: 4271.7 mi. / 6874.6 km
  • Total cost: $795.25
  • Total fuel saved vs. EPA: 37.4 gal. (US) / 141.6 L
  • Total saved: $102.1 (based on avg. cost per gal./L)
  • Average tank distance: 305.1 mi. / 491 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2020-01-03 386.4 mi
621.85 km
23.704 gal (US)
19.74 gal (Imp)
89.73 L
798.82 kWh
($71.09 total for this fill)
16.3 mpg (US)
19.57 mpg (Imp)
14.43 L/100 km
6.13 gal (US)/100 mi
2067.34 Wh/mi
Almost all Ia trip, pretty strong cross wind for half, then died off when turned to tailwind. Wilt exp 93e? Sg 23.6 -.9 ipc 23.1 16.7mpg
2019-12-31 324.8 mi
522.71 km
22.499 gal (US)
18.73 gal (Imp)
85.17 L
758.22 kWh
($66.57 total for this fill)
14.44 mpg (US)
17.34 mpg (Imp)
16.29 L/100 km
6.93 gal (US)/100 mi
2334.42 Wh/mi
2kc trips. Lil more around town during time off. Changed thermostat, extra warmup and idling and testing, think itís finally right. Think the stat it came with was right, but changed it out and was running too hot, but didnít know till changed out the temp sensor, then changed it again because it was showing so hot, now finally got a good stat back in with a good sensor
224973 91E0 6th hyvee ipc 21.8g 14.9mpg Sg22.7g at -.9
2019-12-14 327.5 mi
527.06 km
20.958 gal (US)
17.45 gal (Imp)
79.33 L
706.28 kWh
($62.01 total for this fill)
15.63 mpg (US)
18.77 mpg (Imp)
15.05 L/100 km
6.4 gal (US)/100 mi
2156.58 Wh/mi
3 or 4 kc trips, think they were all on the closer side, some around town.
224648 cluster showing 20.4gal and 16.1mpg. Sg 21.0g @ -.9% hyvee 6th 91E0
2019-11-17 329 mi
529.47 km
21.607 gal (US)
17.99 gal (Imp)
81.79 L
728.16 kWh
($68.9 total for this fill)
15.23 mpg (US)
18.29 mpg (Imp)
15.45 L/100 km
6.57 gal (US)/100 mi
2213.25 Wh/mi
2 trips to kc, the rest in town.
Ipc showed 21.2g and 15.5mpg
Sg was at 21.9g with -.4% trim, moved to 21.8g -.9%
91 e0 23rd st hyvee 224320
2019-10-25 288.1 mi
463.65 km
19.558 gal (US)
16.29 gal (Imp)
74.04 L
659.1 kWh
($58.46 total for this fill)
14.73 mpg (US)
17.69 mpg (Imp)
15.97 L/100 km
6.79 gal (US)/100 mi
2287.75 Wh/mi
Odd tank for sure. Changed out temp sensor, looks like Iím operating at 207 now, seemed high so I tried another later in the tank but same result. Still early in the tank had the pcm tuned by Blackbear with traditional tune for otherwise stock vehicle and 91. Of course I planned poorly, so added some octane booster since last fill was 87. With the pcm tuned itís now capable to control electric fans, so the fan clutch was removed, and 06 Silverado fan assembly installed. Which is also where I wanted to be before adding a grill block. Added a block on the back of the grill with holes in front of aux coolers, there is also a gap between the bumper and grill. Rear main has been leaking, and Iím sure the 0w30 hasnít been helping. Near the end of the tank I used some Lucas stop leak, which is about as thick as gear lube. Planning to switch to 5w30high mileage for next oil change. Outside temps have come down a lot since start of tank, but that also means using ac less.
Driving was mostly around town, extra warm ups testing and checking stuff, but also some easy highway driving checking things out
Cluster showed 19.5gal and 14.8mpg. Sg was showing 19.9 w .2% trim, bumped to 19.8 and -.4% trim. 91 E0 6th hyvee odo 223991
2019-09-15 316.2 mi
508.87 km
21.687 gal (US)
18.06 gal (Imp)
82.09 L
730.85 kWh
($53.33 total for this fill)
14.58 mpg (US)
17.51 mpg (Imp)
16.13 L/100 km
6.86 gal (US)/100 mi
2311.35 Wh/mi
A couple trips to kc, driving a bit slower than usual. pulled the 1Ē dam in favor of a 3Ē air dam over half way through tank. Operating temps seen as low as 172, near the end of the tank, changed thermostat and put a restrictor in rad to res bleed line , got temps running 177-181, ir temp gun shows temp sensor 8deg higher than temp reporting. Qt Lawrence. 223703 cluster shows 21.4g and 14.8mpg e10 sg was showing 21.3g bumped to 21.6g at +0.2%
2019-08-30 291.2 mi
468.64 km
22.167 gal (US)
18.46 gal (Imp)
83.91 L
747.03 kWh
($52.07 total for this fill)
13.14 mpg (US)
15.77 mpg (Imp)
17.91 L/100 km
7.61 gal (US)/100 mi
2565.35 Wh/mi
223387 160mi from Ia trip, 135 w noticeable headwind, then the rest in town. Cluster showing 14.1mpg and 20.7gal. Sg20.7 E10 law Caseyís
2019-08-05 355 mi
571.32 km
23.27 gal (US)
19.38 gal (Imp)
88.09 L
784.2 kWh
($61.41 total for this fill)
15.26 mpg (US)
18.32 mpg (Imp)
15.42 L/100 km
6.55 gal (US)/100 mi
2209.01 Wh/mi
Added a 1Ē airdam just before trip. Local driving, got on the highway 65miles into tank. Blasting ac and extra idling for dogs. Noticeable head wind returning but more of it would be on next tank (160mi, 135 headwind) filled lamoni k n g e10 cluster reading 24.1g and 14.7mpg. Sg was reading 23.9, bumped to 23.5 -1.2% 223095
2019-07-22 247 mi
397.51 km
19.103 gal (US)
15.91 gal (Imp)
72.31 L
643.77 kWh
($48.12 total for this fill)
12.93 mpg (US)
15.52 mpg (Imp)
18.19 L/100 km
7.73 gal (US)/100 mi
2606.36 Wh/mi
222740 Not sure if this tank had 1 or 2 trips to kc in it. Bumped tires up to 40psi warm at time of fill. Cluster was expecting 14.5mpg and a 17.7g fill, started adjusting SG, told it 18.2 +.5%. Thought about E0 but it was $2.909. E10 6th st hyvee
2019-06-23 279.3 mi
449.49 km
19.244 gal (US)
16.02 gal (Imp)
72.85 L
648.52 kWh
($48.09 total for this fill)
14.51 mpg (US)
17.43 mpg (Imp)
16.21 L/100 km
6.89 gal (US)/100 mi
2321.95 Wh/mi
222483 lower grill blocked about halfway through tank 2 trips to kc. Lawrence bp, On board 14.5
2019-05-26 261.5 mi
420.84 km
16.884 gal (US)
14.06 gal (Imp)
63.91 L
568.99 kWh
($43.21 total for this fill)
15.49 mpg (US)
18.6 mpg (Imp)
15.19 L/100 km
6.46 gal (US)/100 mi
2175.87 Wh/mi
222204 all interstate, a little extra idling, extra stops, and blasting the ac throughout the tank for the dogs, light headwinds. Filled at end of trip to separate from local driving. Qt Lawrence
2019-05-26 310.2 mi
499.22 km
20.399 gal (US)
16.99 gal (Imp)
77.22 L
687.45 kWh
($58.12 total for this fill)
15.21 mpg (US)
18.26 mpg (Imp)
15.47 L/100 km
6.58 gal (US)/100 mi
2216.15 Wh/mi
221942 mostly interstate or highway, blasting the ac throughout the tank for the dogs. I think I must have had a bit of a short fill last tank, surprised this tank and the last werenít closer together. Bp mingo
2019-05-23 315.8 mi
508.23 km
18.567 gal (US)
15.46 gal (Imp)
70.28 L
625.71 kWh
($48.26 total for this fill)
17.01 mpg (US)
20.43 mpg (Imp)
13.83 L/100 km
5.88 gal (US)/100 mi
1981.35 Wh/mi
221632 almost all interstate or highway, a little extra idling, extra stops, and blasting the ac throughout the tank for the dogs. Light tailwinds. KnG grinnell
2019-05-19 239.7 mi
385.76 km
21.564 gal (US)
17.96 gal (Imp)
81.63 L
726.71 kWh
($55.61 total for this fill)
11.12 mpg (US)
13.35 mpg (Imp)
21.16 L/100 km
9 gal (US)/100 mi
3031.75 Wh/mi
221316 Purchased 3-19-19, filled it a few days later. Tank was mostly around town, went to kc once at end of tank and filled there. During this tank, pulled bug shield. Found both right side tires at 19psi, seem to be holding since, set all to 32. Thought the valve covers were leaking bad down on the manifolds due to the smell, when I started to replace the gaskets, found the pcv valve left pulled out of valve cover, still changed gaskets as they were leaking. Replaced air filter, cleaned throttle body. Debaged back and sides, blacked out grille badge. Removed 3rd row seats. Fully removed roof rack. Changed oil, 0-30 mobil1. Corrected trans fluid level, was a little over qt low. Qt Lawrence

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