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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: DaRabbit - 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit LS
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 60 mpg (US), 3.9 L/100 km, 72.1 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 60 mpg (US), 3.9 L/100 km, 72.1 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 60.9 mpg (US), 3.9 L/100 km, 73.1 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 38 mpg (US) / 58% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 5
  • Average cost per gal/L: $3.94 per gal (US); $0.00 per L (price data entered for 5 fill/s)
  • Average cost per fill: $29.98
  • Average distance cost: $0.07 per mi. / $0.04 per km
  • Total fuel used: 38.01 gal (US), 143.9 L
  • Total distance traveled: 2281.9 mi. / 3672.4 km
  • Total cost: $149.90
  • Total fuel saved vs. EPA: 22 gal. (US) / 83.3 L
  • Total saved: $86.68 (based on avg. cost per gal./L)
  • Average tank distance: 456.4 mi. / 734.5 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2012-05-04 498.4 mi
802.1 km
8.21 gal (US)
6.84 gal (Imp)
31.08 L
276.68 kWh
($32.76 total for this fill)
60.71 mpg (US)
72.87 mpg (Imp)
3.87 L/100 km
1.65 gal (US)/100 mi
555.14 Wh/mi
no new mods. just doing engine off coasting a lot and keeping speeds down.

I am going to think of ways to lighten up the car more and see if it helps me get to 70 mpgs. I want to do a lot to the car like front air dam and a underbelly just cant swing the funds to do much right now.

thanks Don
2012-03-28 488.7 mi
786.49 km
8.04 gal (US)
6.69 gal (Imp)
30.43 L
270.95 kWh
($33.69 total for this fill)
60.78 mpg (US)
73.05 mpg (Imp)
3.87 L/100 km
1.65 gal (US)/100 mi
554.43 Wh/mi
Same as before. I havent got to do any mods to the car yet. back and forth to doctors and physical theraphy
2012-03-04 503.6 mi
810.47 km
8.24 gal (US)
6.86 gal (Imp)
31.19 L
277.69 kWh
($31.97 total for this fill)
61.12 mpg (US)
73.41 mpg (Imp)
3.85 L/100 km
1.64 gal (US)/100 mi
551.41 Wh/mi
Drove slow. engine off coasting. where i could i would just idol in 5th gear cruising about 30mph.

Side Mirror in except when i had to go into tyler twice for Doctor visits. Im learning more and more about te gearing of this car. I think using 4th gear when i have to drive 50 mph is more efficient that using 5th as 5th gear just wnt hold 50 mph with out have to use alot more pressure on the pedal.

I think 5th gear wont be used except for Idoling slow and for when i have to go 55 + mph possably not untill 60 mph.

Thaks for reading,
2012-02-24 375.2 mi
603.83 km
6.12 gal (US)
5.1 gal (Imp)
23.17 L
206.24 kWh
($24.17 total for this fill)
61.31 mpg (US)
73.57 mpg (Imp)
3.84 L/100 km
1.63 gal (US)/100 mi
549.68 Wh/mi
Bent right side Mirror in and did LOTS of engine off coasting. driving slow and trying my hardest to put hardly any pressure on the accelerator pedal. Tires at 60 lbs
2012-02-14 416 mi
669.49 km
7.4 gal (US)
6.16 gal (Imp)
28.01 L
249.38 kWh
($27.31 total for this fill)
56.22 mpg (US)
67.53 mpg (Imp)
4.18 L/100 km
1.78 gal (US)/100 mi
599.47 Wh/mi
Mostly on country back roads. Before readding this and the hypermiling tips. I was getting around 45 on these same backroads.

Slowing down and engine off pulse and glide have helped me the most so far. I honestly Love this site and my little rabbit. Tires at 60lbs

Thanks, Don

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