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Trip log for: MetallicTurd
Trip log index: Misc local errands
  • Avg: 29.1 mpg (US)
  • Max: 29.1 mpg (US) 2013-07-17
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2013-07-17 29.1 Two trips to Twin & back (approx 20 mi each). The rest is around to town stop&go. Same fueling station, same pump. Top-off always takes .3 gal - total 2.4 gal. Odo read 70.0 mi. exactly at fill-up, but it reads 7-8% slow due to larger rear tires, so actual mileage driven is slightly more than 70. Hwy speeds driven were about 15% below the 60mph limit. I need to better document my fill-ups. I always get receipts, but images of the odo & fill-up would surely bolster my numbers.

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