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Trip log for: 1993 Mercedes 300D Turbo
Trip log index: Caleta Chaņaral roundtrip
  • Avg: 31.89 mpg (US)
  • Max: 31.89 mpg (US) 2015-01-13
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2015-01-13 31.89 Distance of the rountrip is about 1500km. This trip consumed one full tank and part of another. Load was 4 adult passengers with baggage and food for 10 days. Mainly on paved road and part over non paved road. EGR was reconnected, as disabling it resulted in no gains, even worsen fuel economy. Best mileage tank was 13,5 km/l (31.89 mpg) which is record with this car, 27,5% over EPA. Main speed on paved road was 110 km/h (about 70 miles/hour) and 80 km/h on non paved road. Drive strategy was conservative but on some tracts car was driven over 140 km/h. With this mean fuel economy, the car could have travel 949,3km (590 miles) to exhaust fuel tank. Estimated total weight of the car loaded was 2150 kg.

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