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Trip log for: VanDelay
Trip log index: Bought wheels in Memphis
  • Avg: 14.72 mpg (US)
  • Max: 17.5 mpg (US) 2015-04-05
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2015-04-05 17.5 1st leg from LR to MEM. Filled up @ Shell on Green Mtn Drive and drove nonstop to Cracker Barrel on 7st St in West Memphis. Roughly 65 mph but drafted a 5th wheel camper with Pennsylvania tags for about 30 minutes at 60ish and a couple semis through flat stretches. Was trying to be on time so rushed a bit through the hills and over Crowley's Ridge. Left Cracker Barrel and took overpass to Shell on opposite side of I-40. 8.376 gallons and 146.5 miles for 17.49 mpg.
2015-04-05 11.93 2nd leg of trip, from MEM to LR. Filled up at Shell on 7th St in West Memphis and drove to Waffle House at Forrest City exit. Waited 15 minutes and didn't get waited on so drove back through town and onto I-40 then nonstop to Shell on Green Mtn Drive. Had been awake over 30 hours and it was after 10pm so I hurried too much and didn't draft at all.

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