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Trip log for: pris prius
Trip log index: 122 miles east
  • Avg: 65 mpg (US)
  • Max: 65 mpg (US) 2018-05-16
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2018-05-16 65 My first trip in Prius since getting it home and pumping the tires. Mileage was only 65 mpg the first 25 miles, due to hills and getting used to the car, reached a low of 59 mpg at the 68 mile high point, increased to 66 on the downhill, and maintained at 65 mpg to the end of the trip. The average speed was around 55 mph. My previous trip in the Civic averaged 52.5 mpg, the same as it's average for the last four years. The Prius is an amazing car and a joy to drive. Im very impressed with it.

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