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Trip log for: Protege
Trip log index: Morgan Hill to Taylor Ave San Jose
  • Avg: 49.65 mpg (US)
  • Max: 51.5 mpg (US) 2010-02-03
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2010-01-27 48.4 First time concentrating on TPS = 16/17. Speed = 50-65 mph. SC said 22.4 miles, Odo said 22.7, Google says 22.0 miles. So using Google distance then 47.5 mpg. No pulse/glide just hold TPS = 16/17. Winter so lower grill block and low heat.
2010-02-03 51.5 SC 22.8 miles, Odo 22.9 miles, Google says 22.0 miles. So if we use Google miles then 49.7mpg. Tried to keep TPS = 15 which resulted in speeds from 45-60 mph on highway. Some rolling hills on this run but all 55-65 mph signed highway. 101,82,85 highway. Night trip so lights and low heat. (Fuel tank < 1/4 tank on trip) Also had lower grill block.
2010-02-17 51 SG = 22.5miles, ODO=22.7 miles. Tried to keep constant TPS=15. Slowest speed 45, fastest 64. Around 55F outside 8:30pm.
2010-03-03 47.7 Raining more then 50% of the trip. Did passanger wipper delete to see if I could make it permenant. Driving in rain with only one wipper seemed safe. 22.7 miles odo 22.5 SG Google says 22.0 miles I held TPS=16 the entire trip (>95% of the time) 68 mph max, 51 mph average Road is signed at 65 but it was 9pm light traffic / raining and 4 lanes each side.

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