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Trip log for: oldscoob
Trip log index: augusta
  • Avg: 33 mpg (US)
  • Max: 33 mpg (US) 2010-03-04
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2010-03-04 33 165 miles, under written, and 5 gallons, over estimated. the crazy weather and the gas density changes, so I learned a trick at the half mark and total gallons pumped, (it is a winner so far). finally getting the diesel spell out of it, the hydro carbon odor is now into a clean catalyst. also moved front roof rail back a foot, that helped. took the hilly ride home. 37-40 would have been all highway, but scenic routes are good. 4 more rare wheels, need to ready for service and super smooth summer tread, directional. 40mpg is back to normal, I have tortured the car it seems the past year, right into the does not go any lower.

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