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Trip log for: The Truck
Trip log index: Colorado Springs
  • Avg: 25.42 mpg (US)
  • Max: 26.08 mpg (US) 2010-07-25
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2010-07-22 25.25 Not sure if the miles was the corrected or un-corrected value. If its not corrected then I got 27.277. Driving 70-80mph steady with AC on.
2010-07-25 24.92 75-80 South on I-25, trying to catch up with someone.
2010-07-25 26.08 219.2 miles+ 8% 70-80mph no AC about 20 or so miles I was in a hurry in city traffic, very sluggish on accel from stop may have had some pinging causing the timing to retard.

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