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Trip log for: 97 Corolla
Trip log index: To/From Work
  • Avg: 50.9 mpg (US)
  • Max: 54.1 mpg (US) 2012-06-29
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2012-00-09 52.6 First real trip with the new coroplast wheel covers. Looking good :). Last best to work was around 47mpg O.o. Night driving, 45mph, maybe a lil help from wind (I didn't notice any), a bit warmer night, compairable to the last best trip to work.
2012-03-09 47 New record, old was same day going to work 45.3mpg. Record before that was 44.7 when I discovered some sort of "lean burn" or other higher MPG mode my car has (MAP < 7 at 42mph+) Today's figures were just after adding the lower grill block, mud flap delete, and passenger side mirror folded in.
2012-03-15 49.9 Trip from work to gas station (6 miles shorter than normal to home) warmer weather helps tons :)
2012-03-22 50.3 Home to work Warmer yet weather for new record. Removed 1/2 lower grill block due to high heat readings.
2012-04-07 51.5 First trip home since a sea foam treatment, oil change with a system 48 treatment, and adding the 2nd half of my lower grill block back in due to cooler weather. Funny thing about this trip, the first 1/3rd I had a hard time getting in and staying in the "lean burn" mode thing. Once I started to head north things changed and was getting 55-60mpg @ 45mph and map reading of around 6.2 to maintain speed on flat ground, much better than the normal 6.6-6.8 and 7.0 kicks it out of the mode.
2012-06-29 54.1 45mph + 60-65F night drive into work.

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