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Car culture in China (2012)
A decal depicting several roadways in the region and speeds (decal displayed on car window).
Second pic of a street racer in Guangxi.
Street racer car in Guangxi.
Street racer?
At a rest stop on the freeway from Nanning to Guigang, Guangxi province.
New Driver Sticker, mandated by law to be displayed during first year driving - Yongshuo, Guangxi.
Tiny electric scooter - Beijing. Note that she is wearing a facemask to deal with soot and smog. Electric plug in scooters were everywhere, mandated...
Buddhist monk doing Tai Chi, a pig (with devil horns?), and a Christian angel with halo - random stuff on a random dashboard in Nanning, Guangxi...
A Honda Fit on the streets of Guilin in Guangxi Province, China.
Street racer in Nanning, Guangxi.
Pink racer with a kiss on hatch  - Beijing City traffic jam.
A 1.8L iVTEC Civic.  The first two characters denote the city and factory. The third and fourth characters make sound similar to "hon-da".
Fit Love - Beijing City
Duct tape scooter - Beijing County
Alto kammback - Beijing County
Alto - Beijing County

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