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Aero drawings
Aero-related drawings from Piechna's book, mostly graphs and charts
Effect of windshield angle on drag depending on rear window angle (1- 30, 2 - 35).
Drag of train sets
Nose and tail cones on a train
Drag of wagon shapes
Drag of loco shapes
Different shape angle effect drag and lift
Drag for notchbacked vehicle.
Underbody panels.
Stagnation point height effect on drag (Cx).
Underbody panel configuration effect on drag and lift.
Drag (Cx) and lift (Cz) reduction for wedge shaped spoiler in notchbacked vehicle.
Rear diffuser angle effect on drag (Cx) for hatchback (a), notchback (b) and bluffback (c) vehicles.
Bus streamlining with rear deflector.
Rear window effect on lift (Cz) for hatchback vehicle.
Rear window angle effect on drag (Cx) and lift (Cz) for a hatchback vehicle.
Rear window angle effect on drag (Cx) for hatchback vehicle.
Drag (Cx) and lift (Cz) change for different downforce devices on race cars. 1-spoiler, 2-rear diffuser, 3-diffuser plus front air dam.
Drag (Cx) and lift (Cz) change depending on rear diffusor angle. In chapter on race and performance cars.
Wake (and eddies) behind different vehicle shapes.
Eddies (and counterrotating eddies in first case) behind sloped-back (left) and square-back (right) vehicle.

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