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Galvatron1 05-01-2021 11:56 AM

100+ MPG Prius


How hard is it to achieve 100+ MPG in a Prius vs an efficient non hybrid, non diesel car? I’ve never been anywhere near it, but sure would like to. My personal best is 46 mpg for somewhere between 40-50 miles in a 2014 non hybrid Camry.

I’m beginning to see why this forum focuses more on high mpg cars over EVS. Cost & charging accessibility are huge deterrents at the moment. & hybrids are less costly for battery replacement than EVs, but still too expensive out of warranty for motor generator replacement and traction battery replacement, if you hold your car forever, instead of short term.

This article makes sense: “Up to 20% Of Electric Vehicle Owners In California Switched Back to Gas, According To Study”:

MPGomatic got 80+ mpg on a 2016 Prius, then 100+ mpg on the 2017 Model above. Why did the 2017 Prius outscore the 2016 model? Both are still impressive for an EPA rated 50’s MPG vehicle.

TexasCotton 05-01-2021 01:31 PM

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