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Snax 12-07-2019 07:27 PM

$100 per kWh by 2023 - Green Car Reports
Economy of scale is working to keep EV prices low in the near future.

I think this creates an interesting dynamic for used car buyers as much as it does for new. I know lots of people still look at even the least expensive new EV as too expensive, but there remains plenty of demand for used at a much lower price. And with that, I suspect resale values of older EVs with healthy lower range batteries will remain relatively strong.

What do you think?

ldjessee00 12-07-2019 11:36 PM

Is Bloomberg New Energy Finance the source for true battery pack pricing?

I thought Tesla said they were already at $100 kWh at the cell level and almost there at the module... Probably that automated line for building packs probably helped get them there.

But that was earlier in the year, right?

Probably get updated info at this battery investor day event Tesla is supposed to be holding...

rmay635703 12-08-2019 12:06 AM

The distribution of cars sales amounts in dollars looks a lot like an upside Down W shape from what I remember. AKA numbers of cars sold at a particular price plotted out.

Those complaining about EV prices likely havenít paid over $5000 for a car. I know several folks who never pay over $500. Big rift between financed and unfinanced buyers.

ldjessee00 12-08-2019 09:02 PM

I have seen some used Leaf's for close to $5,000...

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