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mtgeekman 08-01-2009 12:46 AM

14" steel wheels for a Subaru Justy?
Hey all, getting the car back together its running but still needs to be buttoned up.

looking at trying to get some 14" steel wheels for the car to mount the Potenza RE92 LRR tires onto for the car.

Any one have any ideas on where I might find some that will fit?

I called tirerack and the told me they have no wheels that will fit that car in any size and the guy I talked to didn't seem willing to help much.

I also stopped by a local tire shop and they guy ordered a 14"x5.5" wheel that was for a Saturn and they are going to let me bring in the car and give it a shot to try.

SVOboy 08-01-2009 12:53 AM

Should be easy to find them. Is there a weird bolt pattern or something? I'm gonna pick up some insight wheels with potenzas soon, so I'm happy for that


hypermiler01 08-01-2009 06:42 AM

Why steel? They are 4x100mm. Lots of Honda wheels should fit and Chevy Aveo and Kia, according to this chart.
Looking at bolt pattern and center bore size.

Wheel Bolt Pattern Cross Reference Database and Conversion Guide: 4*X*100

mtgeekman 08-01-2009 06:27 PM

Steel wheels to eventually put on some moon disks for aero.

I don't think its the bolt pattern that's the problem. i believe its the offset or center bore.

I just took a look at that chart, looks like the Saturn wheel that I had them order might fit.

Though I should probably try to find some wheels used from a wrecking yard instead of buying new.

Thanks for your help.

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