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Old 04-01-2010, 11:00 PM   #31 (permalink)
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The Q Sold - '02 Infiniti Q45 Sport
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blackie - '14 nissan altima sv
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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
I have one, I paid 30,000 shillings for it back in the 1920s when the Iraq war was just starting , I bought it to improve my llama's efficiency.
I gotta ask.........

where do you plug it in on the Llama????!!!!!????

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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Here's the link to the lab results.
I searched my soul and re-visited my AC/DC Circuits text from college.Here's my opinion.
* The device is a 'load'.
* The current flows one-way to the device,as a DC circuit is not 'interactive' back to any source or other load.
* By replacing a cigarette lighter, operating continuously( you've got to think like an attorney ),you reduce the alternator load by up to 18% of it's maximum current output.
* 18% of the fuel which would otherwise be consumed operating the alternator to feed the cigarette lighter load is 'saved.'
* So in 'lawyer-speak',you've increased your fuel economy by 18% of the fine-print.
* The power consumption of the device is that of three LEDs,which is next to zero,so the net load of the device is essentially zero,so you may claim you're saving the entire 18%.
* Only the Ameriscam Bar Association can fully appreciate the full creative use of the English language within print advertising.
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Old 04-03-2010, 09:40 PM   #33 (permalink)
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Hello -

This is another one of these gizmos :

Hot Inazma Pocket Super (Capacitor)
Do NOT mistake this as the older "non-Super" model please! Hot Inazma Pocket Super is a new voltage stabilizer based on Hot Inazma technology. This new 2009 "Super" model uses higher-capacity capacitor than the original one. Connect it to your cigarette socket to get peak operation efficiency. A/C, stereo, lightings & many other electrical components in your vehicle are constantly creating a load on your car's electrical systems. These cause fluctuations in voltage which prevents the vehicle from performing at optimum efficiency. Hot Inazma Pocket is designed to stabilize battery voltage for enhanced electrical system efficiency. It also saves on gas, reduces emissions, brightens lights, reduces audio noise interference, purifies the cabin air by emitting negative ions (rated at 2,500~3,000 ions per cm3). New 2009 model uses dual 470 µF capacitors.
Yours for $135. But, at least they don't claim an 18% increase in MPG.


What's your EPA MPG? Go Here and find out!
American Solar Energy Society
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Old 04-05-2010, 09:00 AM   #34 (permalink)
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Scepter Wagon Manual - '96 Toyota Scepter 2.2G SXV15
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What the?
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Old 04-06-2010, 12:33 PM   #35 (permalink)
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How We Measure Emissions and Fuel Economy

Emissions are reported in grams per mile (gm/mi) format per the CFR. Fuel economy is measured by calculating the total Carbon in the exhaust (from the Total HC, CO, and CO2 readings). The Carbon content of the gasoline (or other Carbon-based fuel like Natural Gas, Ethanol, Propane, etc.) is a known quantity and the volume of fuel used can be calculated (the Carbon-Balance method is basically “what goes in must come out”). The distance traveled is divided by the volume of fuel used providing the mpg result.
How_We_Measure_Emissions_and_Fuel_Economy_AAA_%20A utomobile_Research_Center.pdf
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So I guess that's a thumbs down, eh? Except for the Lorena Bobbit bit.
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The Q Sold - '02 Infiniti Q45 Sport
90 day: 23.08 mpg (US)

blackie - '14 nissan altima sv
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The damn thing was at the checkout counter at best buy....It jumped in my cart.....

the 30day money back sold me.....

I ran the exact same trip tonight that i ran last night. about 8 miles down hwy 80 from Roseville to Watt ave. Wide freeway gentle 'hills' maybe 50 feet.
Temp was 10 degrees warmer tonight at 9pm.
ran 60 mph w/cruise set. ran a// on auto at 72.
fia was 100 tonight 89 last night
already driving 25 miles befor the test strip
tonight I had my dog and a couple xtra boxes of paperwork.
got 30.7mpg last night w/o the fuel doc
got 32.2mpg tonight with the fuel doc

I also drove to dublin today and ran ther fuel doc on and off on variuos flat stretches.
agian not a true test, but, again using the cruise control at 60mph the fuel doc was about 2mpgs better.
MetroMPG: "Get the MPG gauge - it turns driving into a fuel & money saving game."

First: ScangaugeII

Second: Grille Block

Third: Full underbelly pan

Fourth: rear skirts and 30.4mpg on trip!
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fueldoctor (08-02-2010)
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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
The damn thing was at the checkout counter at best buy....It jumped in my cart.....

the 30day money back sold me.....
Maybe it's shorting something out in the trip computer LOL

And I always considered you a smart chap for having an Infiniti.......

I'd have done the same thing, most likely.

Of course, for the money, I'd have bought a Cap. For 50 bucks you'd have 2 farads of capacitance (which is a s&*load) and it's the real deal. And it most certainly would have ironed out spikes; all the way up to 1000 watts! If it can handle spikes from mosfet amps pushing 4 12s without dimming the lights, yeah, it's good.
RIP Maxima 1997-2012

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I think you missed the point I was trying to make, which is that it's not rational to do either speed or fuel economy mods for economic reasons. You do it as a form of recreation, for the fun and for the challenge.
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Old 07-04-2010, 11:22 AM   #39 (permalink)
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As others have said it sounds like 12v capacitor filtering system , and seems small if it is .
The thing the ECU have self regulated voltage for critical sensors (5v ref voltage in most systems) and the battery does good job of filtering the 12v . Only way I can believe these types of filters work if either battery was very small or bad condition for vehicles load or vehicle wiring had bad grounds or something preventing properly working charging/12v systems .

If you look at this PDF in one of links provided above .
They show how pulse width of injector is smaller with the unit installed. Ok I not going to dispute that but the O2 sensor is in closed loop and IMO would of kept A/F the same (within some % of error)during cruising .

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Old 07-04-2010, 12:47 PM   #40 (permalink)
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I was going to say roughly the same thing about the battery. If the battery is in good shape and charging normally, that's pretty much all the stabilization the electrical system needs.

Not only that, but if you have a Scan Gauge or an aftermarket volt meter (that doesn't have built-in suppression), heck, even a simple digital multimeter, you can see how steady the voltage is while the car is running, especially at speed and after the alternator is up to full working temp.

The only component that would need any kind of filtration would be the ECU, but the ECU already has sufficient filtration built in, hence no need for such nonsense as the "anal probe" that the Fuel Doc is ripping people off with.

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