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cfg83 10-17-2010 01:54 AM

1979 Honda Civic Hatchback
Hello -

I saw this today. 1979 Honda Civic Hatchback. $2500 and ........ 10739 original miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that possible in this day and age?!?!?!?!?!


rmay635703 10-17-2010 09:43 AM

There is a white one like that near me and I often wondered if they were worth messing with, not sure how easy they are to keep from falling apart here in the rust belt.

What FE could those turn? I was always told it was between 40 and 50mpg, anyone here hypermile one?


Ryland 10-17-2010 01:42 PM

If it's a 1.5L engine then it's a CVCC engine, so it would have the dual combustion chamber head, main combustion chamber gets a really lean mix of fuel aux combustion chamber gets a rich mix right next to the spark plug, this gave the engine a 18:1 or leaner fuel air mix, giving it better mileage and a clean burning engine that early on was clean enough that it was one of the few engines that could have gotten away without a catolitic converter.
If this is the case and it really does have a 5 speed then unless the underside is rusted out or something weird then it's well worth $2,500, I had the next newer body style (1981 civic hatch) and saw 40-42mpg and had an over sized exhaust, tires that were not all the same size and a few other things that could have been improved.
I wish I still had my '81 civic hatch but I sold it when I was buying my house with the condition that I could buy it back when I had money again and a few months later it was rear ended while parked.

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