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dann6968 03-08-2010 02:35 AM

1993 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R Turbo, 4WD, 5L/100KM, Vancouver, BC

For Sale is my 1993 Suzuki Alto Works RS/R. This is a RHD japanese import.
Car is in excellent shape for its age. Interior is almost perfect as is the exterior. There are some small blemishes in the paint as can be expected with an older car but for the most part, this car looks great. There is ZERO rust on the car.

Despite its small size, this car has lots of interior room. I'm 6' and have around 4" of head room above me. The tall roof extends the legnth of the car so there is plenty of storage in the back, especially with the rear seats down.

The engine is a turbocharged 660cc engine which, combined with the light weight of this car (<1500lbs), makes it pretty quick. The car is 4wd which gives it plenty of grip around corners and drives very well in slippery conditions like heavy rain and snow. A very fun car to drive, it's like a street legal go-kart. Has 125,000KM.

This car gets excellent milage. I've been getting around 5.5L/100km in the winter time and should easily do under 5L/100km in the summer. Hypermilers: 4/3.5L/100km??? I fill the tank for $20-$25 and get over 400km. This is a great way to save money on gas.

Everything on this car works perfectly and the car runs strong. Power windows, Sony deck, JL speakers, boost gauge, turbo timer, good tires, AC.

Car is registered, insured and a daily driver.

Price is $4999cdn.

Pictures were taken 02/25/10. Go here (High Res): Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

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