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akcapeco 06-10-2008 04:30 PM

1995 Geo Metro DRL disengage tip
I know a lot of folks here like to disengage their DRL's.

This is probably old news, and I haven't tried it yet (the wife has the Metro today) but according to this article, Little Big Man First Look: 1995 Geo Metro , you can disengage the DRL's on your 95+ Metro by lifting the handbrake a single click .

I'll have to try this later... according to the article the DRL's can account for
.2mpg in fuel consumption, being that they are Canadian-spec, reduced-intensity headlamps burning at 40% of the standard low beam intensity. I couldn't quite vet the article, it could be it's Canadian, too.

Either way, let's all save .2 mpg and try the handbrake trick.

Johnny Mullet 06-10-2008 10:07 PM

I actually removed the 2 screws from the center console in the back and pulled it up to get to the wire there on the parking brake. I then grounded the wire right there to the floor. My DRL are now off, but the "brake" light is on. Don't matter to me because as often as I pop the hood on this thing, I will notice low brake fluid level.

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