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Xist 12-30-2018 05:22 PM

1999 Civic HX with 276,000 miles for $1,500.

He says it is accident-free and has a clean title. He will send the VIN when he is home. He does not want to insure five cars anymore and the maintenance is up-to-date. As far as he knows, everything is good, except the rear shocks.

At least I am pretty sure that is what he said. This entire conversation was in Spanish.

I do not know what the KBB is supposed to be, I cannot change it from 8,000 miles per year

mpg_numbers_guy 12-30-2018 11:25 PM

276K miles? Makes my Insight almost look like a low mileage car! :D $1000?

Ad says 1996. KBB for private party based on condition is:
Fair: $1223 ($627 to $1818)
Good: $1398 ($730 to $2065)
Very good: $1559 ($825 to $2292)
Excellent: $1763 ($945 to $2580)

Seems slightly high but the used car market is strong right now.

Xist 12-30-2018 11:52 PM

Thank you very much for looking into that for me! I found another HX!

Xist 01-01-2019 06:38 AM

Apparently this car sold.

Xist 11-21-2019 03:32 AM

Silver HX in Phoenix for $1,500 with 178,000 miles
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The worst thing is just that the ad is three weeks old. I have notifications for Craigslist, but I was not able to make them work for Facebook or OfferUp, and I have not checked in a while. There are more recent ads for a red HX for $1,500, but it has 280,000 miles!

I happened to receive two paychecks in two days, so technically I have the money:

If it is still around, I can probably get 90% of this with hot glue dent removal:

Would this look better with my black bumper? :)

That door looks worse from the back!

Maybe I can finally install those Helicoils in the valve cover bolt holes and the engine would start right up, but I have a thread that I should have called "How long do you think it will take me to start replacing my heater core?"

Arguably I should be applying to grad programs instead of undertaking huge automotive projects.

Xist 11-21-2019 01:29 PM

Silver HX in Phoenix for $1,500 with 178,000 miles
The HX is still available, the owner says that he has had it for ten years with only the accidents that he mentioned in the ad. The title is clean and he has averaged 28 - 30 MPG at 75 - 80 MPH. The steering pulls significantly to the side and the rack and pinion have a bad leak. It passed emissions a couple of weeks ago and as far as he knows, the exhaust and cat are original. They replaced the oxygen sensors five or six years ago, but he did not answer if they were OEM (probably not).

I am asking many questions for a $1,500 car! :)

Xist 11-21-2019 07:01 PM

Silver HX in Phoenix for $1,500 with 178,000 miles
The owner claims that the steering wasn't messed up from damage, it "Just needs an alignment."

I have not had an alignment in at least twelve years. I know that they are normal enough, but the only car that I have had in that time that pulled to one side was the Accord, a tire blew, I replaced two, and it stopped pulling.

I am concerned with the air conditioning. Up here I just need it for the defroster, but I need it for the defroster! :)

"Has A/C (though likely needs tune up)."

At least he didn't say that it just needed to be topped off. When I asked him about fuel economy he said "It may have taken a dip in mph since I installed the ac."

Installed the AC?

I feel that I have asked more than enough questions, but I feel that "Do you feel there would be any problems with this car driving to Show Low and back?" is a valid question to ask. If the AC has a problem, hopefully I already have the parts!

Xist 11-23-2019 12:08 AM

It has been a day and the owner never responded. Had he, I would have driven down after work instead of catching my bumper on Mom's retaining wall, and now I do not have a car to drive until I fix it.

redpoint5 11-23-2019 12:57 AM

That car is worth half that asking price around here. Who cares if it has a clean title, it clearly isn't "clean". It has a laundry list of problems. Cosmetic doesn't matter, but you don't overpay to buy problems like alignment off, possibly due to front end wear or frame damage, and an AC that's probably nearing death. Cat is ready to go any minute if it's original.

I don't bother fixing the cosmetic issues on what was a $17k used 2006 Acura, so I certainly wouldn't waste my time making an unappealing car look like a pristine unappealing car.

Xist 11-23-2019 04:38 PM

Did you read this before responding to the other thread? :)

When I showed the picture to people yesterday everyone asked if I was injured, which was why I chose the title that I did.

My sister told me that our sister-in-law wanted to sell me her 2007 Acura TL for "cheap." I did not have any idea what that meant. I definitely considered $250 cheap for my Accord. At the time I found similar ones for $1,750--and up. You can still find people asking $5,000 for twenty-year-old Accords. They are great cars, but they are not $5,000 cars.

A 2007 TL with 175,000 is valued at $4,200 by KBB. My sister said that I would need to fix some things. That is like saying "Xist, you are going to have some complications with your project."

Of course I would need to fix some things--and I would have complications.

Each time my Accord broke down Mom asked my sister about the Acura. We finally had an update. The rack and pinion had a bad leak and the power steering fluid ruined the alternator. My sister asked "Do you want us to tow the car to my house?"
"No, I sold it for $500."

I would have paid her much more than that. Oh well. My Accord ran fine.

Then I proceeded to rip off the front bumper and rip apart the resonator.

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