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WaxyChicken 01-16-2008 06:53 PM

2 For Sale or EVTrade
OOPS - that 3 supposed to be a 2.
i can't fix that in edit.

I'll post up pictures later, but they are both cars in my garage
(links on the left)

one (BigBen) is a good gar, needs a break job, AC in questionable condition, don't know much about it because I wasn't comfortable in such a large body but it doesn't seem to have major problems. (and seatbelt clip needs repair.)
i never bothered taking it through AZ Emissions but it shouldn't have a problem.

The other (SkuttleButt) is riddled with problems but remains dependable so long as you keep Big Oil happy and give it it's fluids. AC and heater work great on it.

I don't really trust the tires on either of the cars.

Sale Price: $1300 together (only sold together - no i won't deliver)

Or trade:
Pure EV that meets the following requirements:
*can travel a distance of 80miles/130Km highway (65mph/105Kph max) without a recharge. (40 miles, sit for 8-12 hours, then another 40 to get me home)
*Has back seat space. (4door/2door it doesn't matter.)
*Street legal worthy (lights, blinkers, windshield&wipers, etc)
*A defrosting heater
*I live in Arizona so AC would be really nice but not required.
*Radio not required.
*Seat must be adjustable.
*Must be able to roll down the window for drive through & smoking
*My body weight 135lbs/61kg + wife body weight 130Lbs/58Kg + 50lbs/23Kg cargo = 315Lbs/143Kg for 80 mile distance test.

Will consider all offers.
Will delete/modify post if i change my mind.

Oh, and you must be willing to do the pickup/delivery (Phoenix, AZ) Some reimbursements for the distance you travel the vehicles may be considered.

Now go ahead and start laughing. I don't blame you. :P
but the offer is valid.


WaxyChicken 01-24-2008 03:36 PM

Big Ben pics

dissimilation 01-27-2008 10:34 AM

Check this link...

...and it may give you some insight on what exactly you're trying to leverage in a trade. Not sure what "skuttlebutt" is, but if it doesn't have $8000+ across that windshield, you're pretty far from anything turn key.

WaxyChicken 01-29-2008 12:18 AM

Heh, scuttlebutt? a 96 ford tarus (i thought it was 95, but i found the title the other day)
It's probably worth only about $300 to someone that doesn't know jack about cars. Hahahahahahahahahah
i'll have to get around to taking pics of it to show why.

Thanks for the link, Dissim.

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