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NTI V10 11-15-2009 12:54 PM

2000 red 5-speed Honda Insight parts car $2,500/offers
Edit: it has a clear title, I forgot to mention.

This is a 2000 bright red Honda Insight 5-speed manual with ~230k miles on it. I bought it accident damaged with the intention of rebuilding it, but a motorcycle injury made that goal impossible. I paid about $2,500 for it, and I'd like to get something back out of it but am really open to offers.

The car can move under its own power but I would not call it drivable. It has a clear title. That said, this is probably a great candidate to use as a parts car. It has no radio and no airbags. There are no front fenders or a hood because they were not repairable, but I have the headlights. The engine starts and runs and charges the hybrid battery pack, which seems to hold a charge. There is some sort of transmission/clutch problem--it is difficult to shift.

Some good parts left on the car:
-Engine (starts and runs well, no smoke or noises, idles smoothly, etc. seems to be in alright shape)
-Electric motor (starts the IC engine without any trouble, but I don't know anything else about its condition)
-Transmission (I think the synchros are shot between 1-2, no clue as to the condition really. Clutch seems alright from the feel but again who knows really)
-Four wheels and center caps in various conditions, seem to be straight and true but have a few scratches etc, I will post pictures.
-144v battery. The battery holds a full charge so I have to think it's been replaced at some point.
-A/C system, I don't know how well it works yet but I will test it and let you know. The condenser is bent so that's probably not worth anything but the rest of it might be ok.
-Headliner, carpets, trunk paneling, gauges, HVAC switchgear, and anything else that can be removed will come out. The radio is already gone to who knows where.
-Wipers arms and motors (front) just motor (rear)
-Mirrors in New Formula Red (the right one doesn't have glass)

The weather has been terrible recently, so I don't have any pictures right this moment. Drop me a note and I'll send some ASAP. I'll post them here too.

I was originally going to part the car out but I'd really like to get it gone in one piece. That said, if you're interested in for instance the whole drivetrain, let me know and we can try to work something out.


discovery 12-07-2009 04:43 AM

I would offer you something but i'm down in the deep south and with transport will jump kinda high. I would like to see some photos please.

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