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cfg83 11-13-2008 10:46 PM

2001 Metro Sedan in Los Angeles
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Hello -

I saw this Metro for sale the other day in the South Bay are of LA. I apologize for the night shots, but that's when I could take the pix :

One bad(?) note. When I first saw it, I realized that it had been sideswiped while parked. They broke off the driver's side mirror :

I saw the mirror in the street. Later on I passed by again and saw that the mirror had been "grinded away" by subsequent hits, just bits and pieces lying around.

Soooooooo, in a sad kind of way it has been pre-ecomodded against it's will, :( . I also noticed later on that there is a scrape in the paint after the driver's side rear passenger door, also probably from the side-swipe. I apologize for not taking a picture of that, but it was at night and I didn't see it until I passed by later on the following day.

I called the guy and told him what had happened so that he could move it, but I didn't ask the price.


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