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SpeedyCorky 09-29-2017 05:26 AM

2006 Honda Insight, 138k miles, clean title, MIMA installed, +80 MPG - $5000
2006 Honda Insight (last year they produced this 1st generation)
5 speed manual transmission
Clean California title, Registered until July 2018, I am the 2nd owner
ICE Cold A/C, power locks and windows
new tires *just* installed
ALL fresh fluids and filters
new battery (January 2017), and spark plugs (5k miles ago)
Lots of mods to increase MPG
sexy stereo with MP3/USB and 10" subwoofer
I have all service records and receipts from day 1
No accidents

I bought this car in 2013 at around 90k miles from an old man in Modesto - he bought the car new and used it for his 60mile (each way) commute until he retired. I've used it for countless trips to SoCal, and a couple up to Oregon, and commuted (20 miles) with it for a few years - so majority freeway miles. It shifts super smooth, makes great power *for a 1.0 liter!*, hybrid battery works, drives straight, brakes straight, everything works, she has never broken down on me, and she passes smog every. single. ****ing. time.

This car is known for its MPG, and I have done several modifications to further improve mileage. MIMA ($1000) has been installed on this car; it enables you to have full control of when you use the hybrid battery acceleration assist, as well as regenerative braking. Really gives you full control over what the car is doing - I found it to be worth at least a 10% gain in mileage if driven correctly. As well I have installed FAS (forced auto stop) $100, which is basically a button that you push which shuts off the gasoline motor. The car does this automatically when coasting below 20mph, or if you are stationary - but FAS lets you do it whenever you want! Ideal for coasting down hills, or if you know you will get stuck at a red light in 2 blocks, and are going 40mph (might as well just shut off the motor now and coast there). These features are both mounted to the shift knob - MIMA is the joystick and FAS is the blue button.

I have also installed custom front and rear under body aero panels. The car came factory with a front one, mine simply covers more area and is flatter. The rear never had one from the factory - shame on Honda as the bottom of the rear bumper is like a parachute! Instrumentation is critical when going for high mileage, so I have installed a MPGuino which tell you instant MPG, trip MPG, and instant super accurate speedometer. Also installed is an AutoGauge, which tells you engine load, throttle position, intake temps, and most importantly - O2 sensor data - which tells you if you are in "lean burn" mode.

Stereo head, Kenwood door speakers, a 1000watt amp, and 10 inch subwoofer (removable) make up the killer sound system in this car. The subwoofer is independently adjustable on a separate knob from the stereo, I rarely have it above the absolute minimal setting.. I have also installed a separate ON/OFF switch for the stereo, allowing you to have it on when they key is not in the ignition. As well, I installed red LED lighting in the interior - you cant see any of the bulbs, just their glow - so its not harsh on the eyes. Really gives the car a high tech feel to it at night - switchable ON/OFF.

I have also installed a Grid Charger. It lets you charge the hybrid battery while the car is parked. The hybrid battery was replaced about a year before I bought the car, and it still works like it should and does not throw any codes or "IMA light of death" dashboard lights - but I can tell it does not quite have the capacity that it did when I bought the car, maybe 70% of what it had. I balanced the battery about a year ago, and cycle it regularly.

Other Mods:
* Carbon Fiber racing sideview mirrors (less drag)
* Razo shift knob
* magnetic engine drain bolt
* LED interior dome lights
* relocate rearview mirror all the way to top of windsheild (vastly improves forward view frame)
* Third "dead" pedal installed (why the hell didnt Honda put one in!??!!)
* short shifter (weapon R)
* LED front parking/running lights
* custom license plate frame
* rear windshield wiper (and motor) removed
* rear windshield sprayer modified and re-positioned to spray upwards - as to spray tailgating cars :-D
* improved engine ground
* a few other silly mods not worth mentioning

Cons: (see pictures)
* paint on the top of the car is sunbeat and is oxidizing in spots
* some of the tinting its starting to come up at the top of the rear windsheild, it has not gotten worse the last year or so
* the black paint at the bottom of the main side windows is flaking off. Could removed, and have them repainted fairly easily
* a little bit of headlight fading (upper most part)

I really love this car, and I honestly should and could keep it forever - it is basically free to drive, cheap to ensure, well maintained ...but truth is, my life has simply moved on/up from this car - its time for me to upgrade to something a bit bigger and nicer and faster and all that more costly kinda crap

Best to just Email me and I will call you to answer any questions or arrange viewing.

...... oh and if you talk to me real nice, I might even include the sweet clear plastic front air dam cover that I made - which I've tested and shows a clear ~8% increase in MPG...! sure looks a bit hokey all taped on the front of the car...but bruh. 8% is like 6mpg. gainz.

Oh yea, and so what MPG does it get? (without the front air dam)
* driving 'normally' I easily get 60 to 65mpg
* racing it around flooring it a lot and basically being an asshole on the freeway going 80mph (or attempting to at least), I still cant seem to get less than 50mpg
* If I put in some minimal effort to get mileage, and drive less than 65mph, I can always get 70+ mpg
* putting in maximal effort, all the tricks, and keeping below 60mph I can usually see ~80mpg
* on a known route, such as my commute, 85mpg was pretty standard (in warm weather); good days were mid to low 90's. Best ever was a fluke at 114mpg.... super good luck with lights, and managed to draft a bus the whole way home hahahaha

cowmeat 09-29-2017 06:19 AM

Mannnnnn . . . . I should have driven Ron Burgundy out west to sell it rather than trade it in if people are paying that much for an Insight out there, I could have probably gotten ten grand with all the mods I had on it!

I think you're a couple grand high with your asking price but you never know, good luck man! I still kinda miss mine

Baltothewolf 09-29-2017 07:41 AM

I'm with Cowmeat. It's a wonderful car, but the market is just too soft for it to sell for 5k. 3.5-4 is what you will get more than likely. Would I pay 5 for it? Yea. If I had the money, because it's a well sorted car, and I know I wouldn't have to worry about anything for a while. But to an everyday person, or even someone that likes them but isn't an enthusiast, I doubt it.

wdb 09-29-2017 08:01 AM

What, no pics of the air dam?

dnhub 09-29-2017 12:48 PM

Very nice... Unfortunately I'm live on the east coast :/

SpeedyCorky 09-30-2017 03:16 AM

yeah its a car that will almost for sure have to sell to an enthusiast; with MIMA on, its quite a handful to drive seeing that you have two sources of acceleration power, and two sources of deceleration.

Ecky 10-03-2017 12:36 PM

I'm wondering how you changed the power steering fluid, when these cars don't have any. ;)

cowmeat 10-03-2017 01:02 PM

I liked my "discount" MIMA on the 3-button shifter that Daox made me on his printer way better than I think I would have liked a genuine MIMA with a joystick. Mine cost a total of less than fifty bucks and a couple of hours to wire up the clutch, brake and kill switches, and looked awesome.

SpeedyCorky 10-03-2017 01:37 PM

oh my bad; was the brake fluid.
I recently bled the power steering on another vehicle; got 'em mixed up

Xist 10-03-2017 01:45 PM

You put brake fluid in the power steering system or visa-versa? :)

Did I mention the time I put oil in the radiator in a big Army truck in Afghanistan?

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