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Nova_GTS 04-18-2018 08:34 PM

2012 Tacoma Ecomodder project
Hello! I'm a Mechanical Engineering Student with a 2012 Tacoma that up until a few months ago, was ready to hit the mud. I've decided to change focus for the time being as school has me doing around 400 highway miles a week and attack my MPG's.

Truck is the TRD pro equivalent, so stock I was seeing around 19mpg.

Eco Mods to date:
Factory base steel wheels with highway tires
tonneau cover
Scan Gauge
Front valance from 2016
antenna removed

I try to stay light on the pedal, follow SUV's when driving, and am up to around 23mpg.

Future plan as part of Senior Design Project is to build an aero cap.

Vman455 04-18-2018 09:38 PM

Welcome! I'm going (back) to school this fall to do a mechanical engineering degree.

Is your truck 4WD or 2WD? If it's 2WD and you don't mind lowering it, you'll improve Cd by doing that. Either way, some closeout panels underneath will help, and if you build them out of something sturdy they can act as bash guards when you decide to take it off-road.

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